Wednesday the 29th of November was finally there – students and refugees went ice skating at the IJsbaan Twente again! Almost 70 refugees and students were present, including some refugees put in contact with us via M-Pact. M-Pact is an organisation helping volunteers in Enschede. Through this organisation, we came into contact with Eritrean refugees, very eager to learn ice skating!

At 8 pm, students and refugees put their skates on and defied all odds by entering the ice rink. Student ice skating association Skeuvel helped out, at the IJsbaan Twente, and everyone tapped into their inner Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst. 29 refugees learned to skate better, while it was also the first time for some of the 40 students.

Connecting Hands at the UT covered a large amount of the costs, making it possible to let students and refugees pay for a small fee. After the ice skating event at the beginning of the year, it was once again a huge success, in terms of attendance and fun!

And, as always, check out the pictures below!