Connecting Hands

Bringing society, refugees and students together.

Connecting Hands was started in 2015 by the Student Union of the University of Twente to contribute towards the humanitarian front of the society. The university administration decided to raise money in response to protests from local residents against the planned construction of an AZC in Enschede. With this fundraising campaign, students were able to start organizing activities for refugees in the nearby AZC in Azelo. Later, the AZC Azelo was closed and the residents moved to AZC Almelo, with which Connecting Hands is now cooperating, together with AZC Hengelo.

At Connecting Hands, we believe that by providing righteous opportunities, the refugees are able to integrate into the relatively new environment in a better way. We achieve our goals by stimulating integration between the refugees and students of the University of Twente through organizing diverse events.

Connecting Hands organizes multifaceted events in the fields of sports, culture, education and women empowerment. These events allow a networking opportunity and enable both refugees and students to overcome prejudices. It not only helps in the integration of refugees with students but also helps the students in widening their perspective towards the refugees as they experience new cultures and engaging narratives.

The mission of Connecting Hands is to create a platform for everyone; refugees, asylum seekers, and international and native students. We believe that people will function better and feel healthier and happier in a society when there is a certain level of awareness and understanding. We believe in building a better society with equal opportunities.

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