06-07-2021 On the 6th of July we organized a casual beach volleyball tournament, bringing twenty students and thirty refugees together in teams to play for the first spot. After an intense two group round robin phase, the two best teams of each group were matched against each other in semifinals. The tournament then peaked in an epic final game with a full stand of supporters! Of course, there could only be one winner, and that winner got a nice prize and has been captured in our hall of fame (below). We enjoyed the music, the weather and the sports so much, ...

BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT2021-07-07T22:46:42+02:00



05-07-2021 For the world environment day 2021, the education committee made sure all participants could grow their own plant! Each participant was provided with a small kit to grow a beautiful flower. With over fifteen participants, we surely made the world a bit greener!  

GROW YOUR OWN PLANT2021-09-04T12:24:10+02:00



19-06-2021 After a request from the residents of the AZCs to organize something for the children, the residents committee Hengelo decided to organize a picnic. The youth picnic was a great succes! The children really enjoyed themselves. Some pictures from after the youth picnic🤩 It was lovely to meet these young pupils and hear about their stories😌  

YOUTH PICNIC2021-07-02T12:33:07+02:00



16-03-2021 On the 16th of June the culture committee held the Painting Mugs event. The participants received a package that included not only a mug with porcelain paint, but also some tea and stroopwafels to enjoy alongside it. During the event everyone painted their mugs in the most creative ways. We had a lot of fun and hope that the mug will come in handy. Thank you to everyone who participated!

PAINTING MUGS2021-07-11T21:09:51+02:00



07-06-2021 With good food, wheather and great company the Dutch pub quiz was a great succes 🇳🇱 Thank you everyone for participating 🏼 Congrats to team 2 for winning the quiz. Sadly, team Pink flower ended second  

PUB QUIZ2021-06-16T11:11:43+02:00



17-05-2021 In the middle of May, the CH Sports Committee organized the first sports event of this year. The event, dubbed the “CH Olympics”, was created to invite people to connect through sports, despite contact limitations and online only events. Participants were invited to form teams and compete on a variety of challenges throughout the week, funny or challenging, in order to lead their team to victory and win prizes. During the event we collectively did 100 Push Ups, 150 Sit Ups, cycled 75 kilometers and the record for the fastest kilometer was only 3.28 minutes! Even though we were with ...

CONNECTING HANDS OLYMPICS2021-06-02T09:18:15+02:00



17-05-2021 The first event organised by residents of AZC Almelo! With a cosy group of eight people, we got our hands dirty! Over the course of about two hours, we transformed a block of clay into two candle holders. See the results below! While some were definitely more comfortable in shaping the clay than others, we all had a lot of fun. Even though the event was online, we definitely connected!

CLAY SCULPTING WORKSHOP2021-05-18T18:46:09+02:00



31-3-2021 On the last day of March, the culture committee organised the first event of spring: the painting workshop. Beforehand, everyone received a package with everything you need to make an incredible painting. Many people registered - some with experience, others without. Luckily, everyone had the choice between two different tutorials to follow, both with different difficulty. In the end we showed each other what we had made and some even continued working on their paintings afterwards. It was a great evening, where we could all show our creativity and, most importantly, have fun. Thank you to everyone who participated! ...

PAINTING WORKSHOP2021-05-05T10:21:54+02:00



18-03-2021 The origami workshop was very successful and a lot of fun! We started the evening with folding a crane, then we made a lovely frog which could even jump and for whoever wanted to continue, we made a lovely lotus flower. Thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop🌸  

ORIGAMI WORKSHOP2021-04-23T11:24:56+02:00



21-01-2021 The education committee of Connecting Hands organized its first event of the year, the CV Workshop. Connecting Hands realized that a CV Workshop would be very useful given the situation of uncertainty in the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was conducted online and Connecting Hands would like to thank the Integrand UT for conducting the session. We are also very happy that we had active participation from AZC Almelo, Hengelo, and students of UT. We are looking forward to seeing you all at an upcoming event.

CV WORKSHOP 20-212021-04-01T16:08:42+02:00
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