April 2020 What is better than having a penpal during the lockdown with whom you can share your thoughts? The women committee says nothing can beat it and therefore the penpal activity was organized. The residents of AZC Almelo made some good friends with students from UT with the penpal activity. They exchanged some good thoughts and found their pen buddies during the lockdown. We hope they continue to be pen pals and see you in our next activity.

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18-12-2019 On Wednesday the 18th of December 2019, the BMS Lab of the UT opened its doors for Connecting Hands. We were guided through the research they do and the facilities they have. With a group of 25 students and refugees we got insights into the work happening in the lab and we all learned something new. We even got to try virtual reality and other high-tech electronics! With our jumbled minds we said goodbye and, as per tradition, took a group photo!

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19-11-2019 Tuesday the 19th of November it was time for the annual ice skating event! Refugees from both Azelo and Almelo were eager to make their first steps on the ice. A lot of students were there to teach them the ins and outs of the ice skating, although some of them couldn’t skate themselves either! A total of 83 people joined us at the ice rink. 57 refugees were present, of whom most people skated and some formed an enthusiastic crowd. It was a great success! See you next year! ...

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29-10-2019 It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon when the Heracles bus visited the beautiful campus. A bus full of excited refugees from the AZC Azelo, ready for a Lacrosse training together with the students. We even had a mother with a little baby to cheer for the sportsmen. The trainers from Phoenix Lacrosse tried to teach us the ins and outs of the beautiful sport Lacrosse. After this training, we got the opportunity to show what we learned during a little match. We finished the sporty gathering with a football game. ...




09-01-2019 As the Women Subcommittee of Connecting Hands we were deeply honored to hold our first event of the year: a Zumba workshop. It was an insightful experience since we could see how easy it is to connect with each other just by having a good time. We listened to the beat and our body, then left everything else behind during those hours. Thank you AZC Almelo and our joyful instructor Priscilla from Dance Passion for making this happy event possible. Let’s meet again at other activities!

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