In the week of the 17th of May, the sports committee is organizing an amazing new extraordinary event with you! Throughout the entire week teams are going to compete in fun sports challenges to reach for the crown(s)! The finale will then be an evening event on the 27th of May, during which winners are celebrated and moments are shared. We tickled your interest? Here is some more information for you.

You can sign up either alone or as a team (max. 4 people per team). If you’re signing up with less than four people, you have the option to be matched with other people. More people in your team means you can complete more challenges, but is not mandatory. If you choose to be matched, you are going to receive the contact details of your remaining teammates so you can get to know each other in advance.

On the 16th of May, a list of the challenges and further instructions will be sent to you, and it is up to you and your team to complete as many challenges as possible during the following week. The challenges will require stamina, strength and skill and it’s up to you to decide which challenges you want to tackle with your team. Of course, take the current corona measures in mind. Proof of the completed challenges needs to be provided. During the final event on the 27th of May, the best contributions will be celebrated in what will probably be the best highlight reels ever created. You can of course win prizes in many categories.

To summarise:
You receive a list of challenges on the 16th of May.
You have one week to complete as many challenges as possible with your team.
During the week there’s an (optional) whatsapp group to share your progress, which you will be invited to.
You submit proof of the completed challenges before the 24th of May. Method will follow.
On the 27th of May at 8 pm, we conclude the event online. More details will follow.

Still interested? Then don’t hesitate and sign up with the below!

For any questions, contact